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what we are doing here


Why we are here

My dream was to play Lacrosse in a national championship. RIT gave me that chance, but Prep school (the Kiski School) gave me the opportunity.

I needed to go to prep school to reach my full potential.  Now, Our goal is to remove that need. we want our students to be equipped to transition from youth to high school, high school to college, and college to whatever might come next.  


beyond lacrosse

college lacrosse is about far more than just

talent and skill. Preparation lacrosse is committed to preparing players to be hardworking, coachable, adaptive, and ultimately successful! 


teaching philosophy

We are here to teach both players and coaches the proper fundamentals. This will extend our impact on growing the game while developing the skills of our students even further.  


By instilling  the proper fundamentals at a young age, we have a foundation that we can the build the skills, IQ, Individual style, and all the intricacies that are required to excel in the game at the next level

Preparation lacrosse is a firm believer that there is a role for the individual athletes benefit the most when the game knowledge is built from the ground up. The better the teachers, the higher the student's ceiling.

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