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coaching consulting

the best way we know how to grow the game is to get the kids the best coaching we can as early as possible. That is why we start our programs as young as we do, with an emphasis on fundamentals. 

But since we can't always be there to coach them, we figured why not coach those who are!

That is why we started the coaching consulting branch. Now even those that didn't play the game can coach with a solid grasp and understanding of the game.

We offer entire programs and individual coaches everything from 1 on 1 "chalk talk" to running demo practices, and everything in between. Our most valuable service is our practice plan subscription, but anything to increase a coaches IQ is going to benefit the kids. 


With a dedication to growing the game, no task is too great or too small!


for more information, don't hesitate to contact us!

  • Let us help teach you how to teach the game.

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