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lessons / camps / clinics

Lacrosse breaks down to passing, catching, shooting, and sound defense; the fundamentals of the game. 

Lessons, camps, and clinics give players skills that translate seamlessly to the field.

similar to the way a basketball shooter is made in the gym, the greatest shooters in the game of lacrosse are made practicing.  Fundamentals can be taught, trained, and mastered. 

Preparation Lacrosse offers a variety of settings to do just that!


we offer lessons for individuals, small groups, and large groups of all ages and all positions.  Lessons are on an hourly rate that varies with group size.

Please contact us for more information or to set up lessons today. 


clinics provide an opportunity for a larger group to receive instruction on a specific skill or skill set.  Clinics are commonly single day, 2-4 hour sessions, that allow  players plenty of repetition and individual attention.  They can be customized to any groups specific needs.  

please contact for more information or to set up a clinic for your group, team, or program.


camps are multi-day functions that Preparation set up to immerse players in the game in order to work on their skills and then allow them a chance to use them in live action drills and scrimmages. This set up reinforces skills learned by allowing players to immediately be able to apply them to game situations. 

camps will be announced on this website, or contact to talk about the possibility of setting up a day camp to meet your groups needs today.

  • Camps and clinics aid groups of players acquire new or improved skills

    Contact for info
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